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Design Management

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Design Management

For us Design Management goes beyond analysing our clients’ market position. To create innovative ideas, we combine creative skills with business management, enabling joint solutions. Our service offering merges future-oriented strategies with design-relevant activities. This approach gives us a clear picture of furniture, markets, media and growth opportunities.


Growth Strategy

We guide your systematic and sustainable growth in the furniture industry. Together we identify new target groups, growth drivers and strategies that consistently increase; reach, sales and profitability.

Download Growth Strategy Fact Sheet

Customer Knowledge

We support you in getting to know your consumers even better and thus contribute to increasing customer satisfaction and employee competence. We collect data points from a customer perspective in order to be able to present their needs transparently. Where accordingly, you and your employees are able to offer relevant and personalized products and services.

Download Customer Knowledge Fact Sheet

Service Innovation

We assist you in achieving more customer satisfaction, recommendation and added value with existing and new service offerings. We identify new offers and services and make existing services more relevant and visible for your consumers.

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Sustainable Solutions

We work with you to develop products and services for the increased demands and expectations of your consumers. We deal with and with all facets of sustainability. Together with you, we focus on effective trends of ecological and social importance, which have commercial value and at the same time make the world a little better.

Download Sustainable Solutions Fact Sheet

Customer Experience

We support you in systematically monitoring and developing customer delight along the customer journey. We define and measure points of your customer relationship and make offered services visible. Starting from the first contact to overall customer satisfaction, we support you in optimizing step by step the customer experience that empowers your employees. Where at the end elements of surprise are not to be forgotten.

Download Customer Experience Fact Sheet

Design Curations

We facilitate the shopping experience of your consumers and support you in addressing new target groups. We curate products and services with by establishing offer packages and smart pricing strategies. As a result, you can utilize existing consumers as well as achieving a more consistent approach, when addressing new and potential target groups.

Download Design Curations Fact Sheet

Cooperation & Network Development

We support you through partners; to bring about faster, more professional and resourcesaving innovations. We connect you with relevant experts from retail, manufacturers and designers (Design Match) and thus tap into more knowledge and resources. This enables you to develop and implement ideas more easily and quickly.

Download Cooperation & Network Development Sheet

Strategic Staging

We help you passing on your enthusiasm for the subject of design to your consumers, aiming to archive a higher store frequency and recommendations. Together, we create the right interplay of digital and physical contact points. Selective we are focusing on experiences generated through all senses on site and thereby consider the changed role of the analog POS.

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We think that every challenge needs furniture. That’s why we like to be different. It is that joy together with an in-depth understanding of our client’s world that gives us the spirit and focus for the right path. Developing growth opportunities within and between organisations in the design industry.

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