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Design Network


In the 1970s, we crossed a furniture store with a café and anticipated the idea of the concept store. Today, together with designers, architects and industry, we are looking for new challenges.
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Design Network

We are a strategic furniture design agency based in Vienna, Austria. Every good idea needs a space, and that’s why we combine creative and strategic minds to find opportunities within and between organisations in the design industry. We position international furniture brands, connect emerging product designers to established companies, develop innovative strategies and find project-related solutions. As a result, we shift perspectives and empower synergies.


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We have been in the furniture industry for quite a while now. Despite our experience, we are always keen and curious about challenging the status quo. That’s why we love searching for new opportunities, reaching beyond given industry rules. As a result, we offer a compelling mix of talents: young and dynamic thinkers, experienced and insightful storytellers and disruptive souls who create the environment for exciting innovations. Because we know that passion counts for our customers, so we support them in bravely and effectively exploiting their potential.

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Our clients are furniture specialists from all areas – Design Network brings them together. We position international furniture brands – Design Agency. We connect designers and brands – Network Space. We develop clear strategies and combine furniture, markets and media – Insight & Strategy. We support architects and interior designers with project- related solutions – Design Service.



We are a third-generation family run business. Back in 1977, it was our founder’s grandparents who decided to merge a furniture retail store with a coffee shop. Nowadays, you would not be surprised to see a regular concept store but trust us when we say this was quite a big step back in the day. Wohnkultur Kilga located at Seilergasse 15, Innsbruck, Austria, opened its doors in 1977 and as of today is still operated by a member of the Kilga family.

It is in the same location, nowadays known as the “Kilga house”, which was the starting point of the second family venture. Möbelagentur Kilga, founded in 1988, operates as an agency connecting furniture brands and retailers. Positioning international brands like Minotti, Poliform, Tom Dixon, Riva 1920 and Stepevi in the exclusive Austrian furniture retail market.

These decades of experience shows that we try, fail, try harder, joke, solve, screw up, and win. As a result, we launched our third venture in 2018: Design Network, a strategic furniture design agency, which despite our experience benefits from young and dynamic thinkers, experienced and insightful storytellers and disruptive souls who all stop and think before working together in teams.