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Insight & Strategy

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Insight & Strategy

Compared to many other design agencies, Design Network is a young time traveller. Over several generations, we’ve had the opportunity to explore the furniture world and marvel at its fantastic mutations. Today, powerful strategies emerge through dialogue. That’s why we work closely with furniture brands and retailers to find focus, create alignment and to inspire action. Leveraging the power of an interactive workflow often creates unfamiliar opportunities for our clients. Our passion and experience in the furniture industry allow us to think outside the box without losing the thread. In dialogue with our clients, we develop clear strategies and combine furniture, markets and media into trendsetting solutions.

Design Network

Sales Strategy

Which market are you going to play in? How are you going to win that game? It is all connected to consumer needs, emotions and competitive environments. Our clients are right there with us, working closely on:

  • Sales structures
  • Sales concepts
  • Sales tools
  • Sales training

Design Network

Portfolio Strategy

Which product(s) are you offering? What is your key message? It is the foundation of operations and connected to product and consumer attributes. Together with our clients, our teams work closely on strategic initiatives which include:

  • Portfolio arrangements
  • Portfolio extension
  • Portfolio reduction
  • Portfolio positioning
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Design Network

Customer Strategy

What relationship do you want to build? How do you want to interact? It is about creating an individual’s experience. Side-by-side with our clients we redefine new experiences and take strategic initiatives within:

  • Target group analysis
  • Customer segmentation
  • Customer loyalty
  • Customer experience
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Design Network

Brand Strategy

What direction do you want to go? Whom do you want to join? It is not only about identifying a new direction. It is about creating tools that can support a new direction. Together with our clients, we select and evolve relevant strategic routes and actions by creating:

  • Brand structures
  • Brand management
  • Communication
  • Corporate identity
Working with Design Network is bold, visionary and extensive. Insight and strategy go beyond analysing our clients’ market position. Our service offering connects the dots to deliver a clear understanding of markets, brands and growth opportunities.
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We think that every challenge needs furniture. That’s why we like to be different. It is that joy together with an in-depth understanding of our client’s world that gives us the spirit and focus for the right path. Developing growth opportunities within and between organisations in the furniture industry.

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