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Design Agency

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Design Agency

A design agency creates a coherent appearance, develops brands and deals with design in its form and structure. We at Design Network support you in making the functional aspect of design visible. We develop an effective constant that connects a product / service with its user. To do so, we are utilizing internal synergies to offer you a space for design as a creative and strategic discipline. Collaboratively we have achieved our goal when we make the inside of our clients’ brand visible to the outside world.


Graphic Design

It is the way in which our thoughts become information carriers through design. By using images, shapes, fonts and colours, it is possible to develop a distinct, but understandable (often) visual communication tool. To do so, we often find ourselves in the minds of our clients’ consumers to better understand how to create:

Key Visuals Brand Identity Prints Illustrations


Corporate Design

It is the clearly defined identity of a company / brand in its form and function. Resulting in a coherent appearance across all internal and external touch point. All over creating recognition and thus comes trust. Building on the strategic orientation of our clients, we find alignment within:

Brand Identity Brand Guidelines CI Design UI Design Editorial Design


Product Design

It is the integration of furniture product design into new or existing portfolio strategies of our clients. Thereby we deeply focused on current market and consumer needs. Together with network partners, we enable our clients to develop and implement ideas more easily and quickly:

Prototyping & Modelling Product Validation Product Integration


Showroom Design

It’s about turning prospects into buyers through a comprehensive experience. By applying aesthetic and practical efficiency we are creating a more sustainable relationship with your consumers. Increasing the productivity of our client’s sales area. For that we are focusing our work specifically on:

Shop in shop Design Interior Design Customer Journey Design


Retail Tool Design

It is the understandable interplay between offer and buyer. The more understandable the product or service is for the recipient, reseller / end user – the more often it is used. Based on our clients’ needs we are offering:

Packaging Design Experience Design Sales Tool Design


Design Visualisation

It is the visual explanation of concrete thoughts within a project. Depending on the respective phase, the conveyance of a concept is supported. This can be done through: collages of images, fabrics, surfaces or the virtual representation of rooms. Therefore, we support you through different phases of your project with:

Mood Board Guide Mood Board Creation Interior Renderings Sample

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We are convinced that intelligent product design, amazing storytelling and clearly communicated emotions provoke long-lasting relationships between people and brands. That is precisely why we are enthusiastic about the interplay of design; as a creative and strategic discipline. United we work on the goal of achieving effective growth for our customers.


we do
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Maybe it’s the motivation to be part of an answer. Part of the answer to the question: “When was the last time you saw something for the first time”? Because it is the WoW moments of our clients’ customers that move us. That is precisely why we are always looking out for moving stories that we can tell the world in creative way.

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