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Design Match

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Design Match

We provide visibility and opportunities for product designs with upcoming stories. We analyse skills, experience and personality traits to match product designers with brands in the furniture industry. Predicting the best fit for new design collabor­ations. We know the furniture industry and value innovative ideas. That’s why at Design Network Space we bring emerging product designers and furniture brands together. As curators, we find something special on both sides and thereby create something new.

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01 Create

Create your profile and get ready to share your talent with our community.

02 Check

Check multiple profiles from distributors and respond to product design requests.

03 Match

Match your talent with distributors searching for those capabilities.

04 Collaborate

Get your first introduction to distributors and manufacturers.

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01 Source

Source and browse through our database for innovative & creative profiles.

02 Select

Select different parameters to extent 
your search for creative talents.

03 Match

Match parameters and profile settings with our portfolio of product designers.

04 Collaborate

Collaborate with designers who have the right skills to support your innovations.

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Working with Design Network is different, modern and straightforward. It’s not just another platform: Design Network Space is for anyone who finds it difficult to filter received product design innovation. It is a virtual space which enables designers to introduce their creative ideas. Connecting skills, experience and personality traits of designers with the individual needs of brands and manufacturers in the furniture industry.
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we do
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The story is simple: we love innovation as much as we love the furniture industry. So, we decided that it was time to put the focus on product design, and not on individuals with big names. As a result of our experience and network, we can support designers as curators by applying filters which can distinguish the essential from the unessential to help them gain visibility in front to industry players.

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