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In the digital age, we at Design Network have re­mained a shrewd travelling salesman: We bring the names and products of our partners to the fore- front, inspiring the furniture industry with fresh breezes and new stories. As an intermediary between brands and dealers, we position international furniture manu­facturers on the excl- usive Austrian and Eastern European market. Working with Design Network is collaborative, proactive and honest. Our customers include the exclusive Austrian and Eastern European retail furniture market, design studios, architects, and decision makers. Together with our clients, we focus on sales support, employee trainings, order processing and much more. But that’s not where we stop; we also see our responsibility in: floor and show- room planning, showroom decoration, and maintaining enduring relationships with advertising partners. Only by doing all of that can we guarantee a brand-appropriate presentation for our collaborators. That of course also includes a sufficient presence of the latest product portfolio with retail and media partners.

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We have been in the furniture industry for quite a while now. Despite our experience, we are always keen and curious about products that tell a story. That’s why we love searching out furniture brands that have a history to share. Finding the balance between the past, the present and quality, we let the product design tell its very own story. Inspiring and transforming the Austrian and Eastern European furniture market with our representative tasks.

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