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Design Direction

Design as an
accurate source
of inspiration.


Design Direction

To stay ahead, it is important to understand the long-lasting effects and changes that will happen to the market – with or without you.  We at Design Network look beyond the usual to inspire companies with tailored insights that will matter. To do so, we not only study the current landscape of the furniture industry, but also look at behavioural changes across industries, conduct studies to better understand user habits, and just walk the world with open eyes. In this way, we are able to create an accurate and feasible roadmap, based on real, useful and understandable insights. Helping brands to take the right decisions when it comes their future directions, enhancing their growth and honing them into even better brands for their clients in the end.


Trend & consumer intelligence

There is a huge difference between what is fashionable and what is a trend. We look at it from a holistic perspective and forecast trends that will happen in the future. Our goal is to improve your accuracy when determining next steps and strategic directions. To do so, we analyse emerging trends, consumer needs, human behaviour, and how different drivers affect consumption. Answering questions about how consumers see the world, why they see it in that way, what is happening today, and how this information will transform future paradigms. In all that complexity, we help you to better understand facts and transform them into innovative actions for your company and your clients:

Trend Reports Trade & Consumer Analyses Talks & Workshops


Design Direction

For us, design is everything, and for most of our clients, it is the same thing. But there are so many more questions reaching beyond the matter of design: What is your product market fit? What is the right time to launch your innovation? What are the right and accurate colour selections to start inspiring clients? We help you to answer the above questions. Guiding you step by step towards a successful market approach for your product or service:

Design Strategy Inspirational Studies Market Integrations


Creative Direction

Sometimes it is good to have someone next to you who can understand the big picture of your creative journey. Besides our design agency offering, we accompany brands through the creative decision-making process. Built upon our trend and consumer intelligence, we align our clients’ creative vision with what is understood about the market and its consumers. Thus, not only creating effortless communication but making sure our clients’ messages are understandable by their stakeholders. Aligning values, creative assets, and the right way to communicate, internally and externally:

Brand Development Visual Guidance Creative Direction


Materials research & innovation

Materials are maybe the most important heading to evaluate the general quality of a product. A material or a specific colour allows a brand to communicate what procedures, approaches, designs, and treatments have been carried out during the manufacturing process. Setting you apart from the competition and challenging innovations. Together with our clients, we explore specific colours and textures that can create a unique design language. Resulting in a tangible selection of colours, materials and fabrics which not only look beautiful but also respect consumers’ needs:

Colour & Material Consulting Colour & Material Selection 


Benchmark Studies

With our benchmark studies, we measure and compare our clients’ offerings against a baseline study. Starting from a simple product portfolio comparison all the way to general market landscapes, we generate a better understanding of how the industry is developing today and in which directions other players are working. Don’t get us wrong — we do more than just measure your performance against your competitors; we look at the bigger picture to better understand what makes your offering unique. Identifying a specific market direction that can be implemented and understood by key stakeholders and consumers:

Market Package Retail Check Competitive Review

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More than ever, retail faces an increasing rate of change. Globalisation and innovation create new expectations for customers and increase competition. That’s why we find and support a complementary strategy for furniture brands and retailers, dealing with transformational changes and trends. Simplifying aesthetic and functional requirements set by global trends.
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Large trends are about people and sustainable changes. For us, design equals functionality, originality and sustainability. That’s why our team looks at human behaviour and long-lasting changes when setting the right future direction. Everything else, we believe is fashion – simply following Verner Panton’s statement: ‘One sits more comfortably on a colour that one likes’.

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