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Design Service

Every challenge
needs furniture.


Design Service

We connect architects, interior designers and decision makers with established or emerging brands to find opportunities within and between organisations in the design industry. Together with our clients, we search for challenges and alternatives that reach beyond the usual. Because we know aesthetic and functional requirements are different from those settled by the end user’s market. Explaining why working with Design Network is easy, supportive and dynamic. Together with architects and interior designers, we find extraordinary solutions for every- day tasks. Focusing on all levels of complexity, we build an optimal inter­face to established brands and offer a comprehensive, cooperative service.


Product Presentation

Currently searching for products? Not sure about the right fit for your project? Together with our team, we tailor your individual product design presentation, carefully selected for your needs and requirements. Especially supporting the latest collections of:

Minotti Poliform Tom Dixon Verpan AndLight Kvadrat


Showroom & Factory Visits

Interested in travelling? Want to explore a different culture? Together with architects and interior designers, our team can arrange exclusive showroom and factory visits at international furniture brands like:

Minotti Poliform Tom Dixon Verpan AndLight Kvadrat


Images, Materials & DWGs

Need the right picture? Searching for a fabric or DWG? Through our international network, our team can support you with the latest high-resolution images, DWGs or even fabrics of brands like:

Minotti Poliform Tom Dixon Verpan AndLight Kvadrat


Mood Boards & Layout

We at Design Network know that floor planning is a sensitive topic! The last thing we want for architects and interior designers is to impact their workflow. But if required our team can support you to develop a moodboard or layout plan with brands like:

Minotti Poliform Tom Dixon Verpan AndLight Kvadrat


Project Supervision

Searching for a solution? Setting up a strategy? We have been in the furniture industry for quite a while now. Over the years, we have seen and solved many challenges. That’s how we learnt to follow a parallel and complementary strategy to go step-by-step with you through any stage of a project.


Suggestions & Calculations

What product is right? What estimate can we calculate? No matter how crazy the idea is or seems. Together with you, our team can set up an individual product proposal, deliver price estimates and even do a specific price calculation for brands like:

Minotti Poliform Tom Dixon Verpan AndLight Kvadrat


Corporate Product Design

Thinking outside the box? Being different than others? Together with architects and interior designers, our team goes beyond the matter of product design solutions. Developing cooperate design concepts and stories which some marketing experts have never considered.

Design Network Flying Object: Orbit
More than ever, contract and hospitality projects face an increasing rate of change. Globalisation and innovation create new expectations for customers and increase competition. That’s why we find and support a complementary strategy for furniture brands, dealing with contracts and projects. Simplifying aesthetic and functional requirements that are different from those settled by the end user’s market.
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we do
what we do

Contract furniture is about people and not about contracts. For us, design equals functionality, originality and sustainability. That’s why our people make all of that happen when supporting architects and interior designers. Simply following Verner Panton’s statement: “one sits more comfortably on a colour that one likes”.

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